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Grills Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Grill

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  • How do I check my regulator to see if there is gas flow?

  • How do I reset my regulator?

  • Why is my regulator making a humming noise?

  • Why do I have grease running down the side of my new grill?

  • How do I lower the temperature on a vertical gas smoker?

  • Can I use lava rocks in my gas grill?

  • We are having difficulty removing the rusty screws and cannot remove them to replace the parts. What can we do?

  • Does the replacement rotisserie motor run on 220 volt 50 Hz phase?

  • Where is the serial number located on the grill?

  • The knobs and igniter on my grill have melted.

  • How do I perform a gas leak test on the grill?

  • Should I use charcoal or briquettes in my grill?

  • My grill will only heat up to 200-300 degrees.

  • Why are my cooking grills rusting?

  • The inside of my grill lid seems to have paint peeling off.

  • My grill burner does not have a high or even flame.

  • My grill does not get hot enough and/or will only stay lit for a limited time.

  • What could cause my grill to have excessive flare-ups?

  • Why does my grill not have lava rocks or briquettes?

  • What is a BTU?

  • Why does my regulator have frost on it?

  • How much food can you put on the rotisserie?

  • My rotisserie burner will not stay lit.

  • Why is it important to season cast iron grids?

  • Why is my stainless steel rusting or discoloring?

  • The hood of my stainless steel grill has discolored to a brownish/yellowish tint. What can I do to remove the tint?

  • Can I get the charcoal pan for the All In One in stainless steel?

  • Do Gas Grills made after 2004 need lava rocks or ceramic briquettes?

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