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Please use the following steps to complete your warranty orders:

Step 1 - Download Form

Download the Warranty Parts Request Form. (This is a PDF form and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Step 2 - Locate Part Information

You will need your owner's manual to complete the process. If you do not have your owner's manual, you can find it through the Owner's Manual section. Alternatively, you may send us a picture of the damaged part.

Step 3 - Form Completion

Fill out the warranty parts request form, print it and fax it back to Brinkmann Customer Service at (800) 780-0109 or email it to us at

Important Note: Please make sure a copy of your proof of purchase is attached in your email or fax transmission.

Please email (or fax) the completed form along with a copy or picture of your proof of purchase. You can also send us pictures of your unit and the damage involved (optional). Please include both the unit model number (###-####-#) and serial number (TBC-#####-######-#####) on the form, as both of these numbers are required to file and process any warranty claim.


If you do not have the original receipt, we also accept gift receipts, bank and credit card statements.  In order to process a warranty order, we have to have some form of proof of purchase to file which states when the unit was purchased (within the warranty period), that the purchase was made at a licensed retail dealer, and that the unit was purchased at the listed retail price.  Without this, we cannot process any warranty order.



The model and serial number can be found on a white sticker on the grill itself. This is normally located on the front control panel or on the cart of the grill (See pictures below).

You can also find the model # on the back of the owner’s manual (bottom right corner).

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