Oak Smoked Rack of Lamb Basted In Fresh Garlic & Mustard

This recipe has its roots in the hill country of Texas where raising and cooking lamb is prevalent.  Smoked rack of lamb is one of the easiest and most delicious gourmet dishes to prepare.  It’s fabulous as an entrée and quite impressive as finger food at a party.


A 12 bone rack of lamb, trimmed of fat
1 cup course ground prepared mustard (German style or Dijon is best)
10 Large cloves garlic, halved
4 oak wood chunks (use hickory as a substitute)
1 bottle (750ml) Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot red wine for water pan
1/2 cup each honey and Dijon mustard for sauce

Coat rack of lamb with mustard. Using a small sharp knife, cut slits the length of the garlic cloves all over the top side of the lamb. Insert garlic clove halves into slits.

Place wood chunks on charcoal or lava rocks, and pour wine into water pan. Place lamb rack, top side up, in smoker basket and set on lower level grill. Smoke cook for approximately 1 to ½ hours (electric/gas smoker) or 2 to 2 ½ hours (charcoal smoker) for medium rare to medium doneness. When sliced, the lamb chop should have a slightly pink center. Be careful not to overcook. Use a meat thermometer to test doneness.

Slice chops between bones and serve. For sauce, mix honey and mustard and serve a small portion on the side.

Serve 6