Fried Turkey


10-12 lb. Turkey, completely thawed
4 Tablespoons Fried Turkey Rub`N Spice
Peanut Oil
Turkey Fryer Gas Cooker with 42-Qt. or 24-Qt. Boiling Pot
Brinkmann 10" Deep Fry Thermometer
Brinkmann Meat Thermometer

Make sure turkey is completely thawed. Determine the amount of peanut oil required for cooking by placing the turkey in the strainer basket and set into the empty boiling pot. Add water to the pot until the turkey is covered by no more than an inch of water. Remove the strainer basket with turkey and measure the amount of water in the pot. This will give you a close approximation of how much peanut oil you will need for cooking. Empty the water from the pot and dry completely.

Add measured amount of oil to the pot and preheat to 350°-375°F. using the Brinkmann deep fry thermometer. Pat turkey dry and rub generously with Brinkmann Fried Turkey Rub`N Spice. Let turkey marinate for 30 minutes.

Using protective gloves and clothing, place the seasoned turkey in a strainer basket. Carefully lower the basket with turkey slowly into hot oil. Using the deep fry thermometer, maintain a temperature between 350°- 375°F. Once oil regains this temperature, regulate the heat source to maintain this temperature throughout cooking. Do not let oil overheat or a fire may result.

Estimate cooking time by the formula of 3 minutes per pound of turkey (example: a 10 lb. turkey should cook at least 30 minutes). Check doneness with a meat thermometer after carefully removing turkey from hot oil.